Thursday, April 12, 2018

Music concert

Two weeks ago grades five's and grade fours's had our music extravaganza in the UNIS theater. There  were so many great performances like singing, playing instruments, bouncing basket balls and more. We did this so we can show our progress throughout the months of practicing playing interments and singing to our parents.

Firstly, I was in band. When I came on stage I could imagine the audience seeing the plethora of instruments and hearing the beautiful tunes they would think they were listening to a professional band playing. I played the flute in my formal dress and I also felt like i was a professional flute player in a professional band just like the audience. We played 3 songs (Lightly row, Lets Rock and Mickey mouse march) they were all beautiful in there own way and all the instruments sounded amazing together.

Secondly, there was the grade 5 choir, when I got on stage I was less nervous then I anticipated because there was a lot more people there to cover me up. we sang 2 songs (Hold back the river and I'm on top of the world) and they both sounded great. We also sang a song together with grade 4, I thought the song with grade 4 sounded astounding because our voices with the high and low just mended together. 

In my opinion, the music extravaganza was outstanding. I believe that the concert showed our progress throughout the months of practicing and I hope next year would be just as good.

This week

This week in writing we learned about responsive essay. I learned what the purpose of a responsive text which is to give an opinion about a place, event or object. I also learned about the structure on an responsive text  which is (Title, Introduction, Description, and judgement). I wonder what will we do after response writing.

In our PYP exhibition we had to chose one of the specialists (Art, P.E, Music..etc) to work on. Our group (Emma and me) we first wanted to chose art but there was no more space left in art so we chose P.E instead. We learned that even if you don't get what you want you can still make it work. I wonder if our group can finish our presentation in time.

In math we did the Unicorn problem (you had to get the biggest space for your pet unicorn but you only had 30m of fence). I learned more about the perimeter and how to find it, new words like (polygon:a shape with lots of angles) and how to find area (times the width by length). I wonder how do you divide non base fractions.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

This week

This week we went further in to the PYP exhibition and started researching for the information report. In our group I think we our doing well because we started our action and every one is still confused about what there action is going to be. But in starting our action early is not a good thing because we are really stressed planing every thing and making sure every thing is on track. It's been hard trying to plan our action and still be on track I think our group is ok.(for now)

in literacy this week we learned what a response essay was. I learned what the purpose of a response is (To give an opinion about a written or visual work, object or event). I learned what the structure was (Title, Context, Description, Judgement). I learned what you need to do in each one (Context: what is the work, object or event. Description: What are the features of the work, object or event. Judgement: What does the writer think about the work, object or event.)

What I am wondering about this week was if we did not get the booth for the spring fair what action will we do? I'm also wondering if i got in a different group (a bigger one) if i would have done less or more? another thing I was thinking is even though learning about the responsive text was fun I don't get why we need it? something that was fun this week was the book club because I like reading a book together with someone. This week was one of the most busiest weeks of all because I had to do so much with exhibition.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Exhibition week 3

This week we came up with our central idea and our key concepts. We started researching our key concepts and we brainstormed some action ideas. I think our group is doing well because we already have a good action planed and it's at a great time we just have to set it up. We are going to do an action in the spring fair were we will make a stand and the money we make we will donate to blue dragon.

Thursday, March 8, 2018


This week we had a very special passion speaker. Her name is Linnea , she is an 11th grater here in unis and when she was n grade 5 she did the exact same thing as were doing right now. She did a project on heart surgery because when she was born she had a heart problem and took that for inspiration. It ended very well and now she has saved more then 20 kids from dieing.

Thursday, March 1, 2018


This week was the first week of exhibition and we are just getting started but today we did a Q&A. the first Question was N.What do you still need to know about exhibition, E. what excites you about exhibition, S. what suggestions do you have as we move forward with exhibition, and W. what worries you about exhibition. we also did ISA (International School Assessment) which is an assessment we take every year. International schools every where around the world take it.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

This weeks field trip

This week we went on a field trip to the ho chi minh mausoleum with are buddies. We went there because in U.O.I we are learning about the government We also saw him embalmed He looked like he was sleeping. I think that the Vietnamese people embalmed him so the future generations could have a chance to see him.