Thursday, January 18, 2018

This Week

This week we were split up in to provinces (are table groups), in each Provence we vote for a person to be in the national assembly, in the assembly we vote for the president, then the president elects the prime minister and the prime minister elects the ministers. My responsibility as judicial minister is to make decisions for any misunderstanding of laws and or to settle any disagreement. Our governance was successful because I got to learn more about Vietnam's way of governing and how it works.

The National Assembly

Thursday, January 11, 2018

First week of 2018!!!

This week we learned about the 4 types of governance monarchy, anarchy, dictatorship and democracy this is what we did. Monarchy: The way are monarchy was organized was each person got a slice of cake and in one slice there was a toy the person who got the toy was the king and got to make decisions for the class.The people had to listen to the decisions made by king(Xaiver). The king has to make lots of decisions that the teacher usually makes. Our monarchy was successful because the king(Xaiver) got to make decisions the usually the teacher dose not agree with(like extra recess). The challenges the are monarchy had were sometimes it was hard for the king(Xaiver) to make decisions.(like when he had to fix a problem with seating it took a long time because some people did not want to sit with other people.)

Anarchy: The way our anarchy was organized was we had no rules and from 8 to 12 we made most of the decision by our self.(not really)People did not have to listen to the teacher or "The king" so that men't we had to make decisions out self and it just felt like itime. Our anarchy was successful because when I was making decisions to me it felt normal like everyday school with lots of itime. 

Dictatorship: In our dictatorship we had to follow the dictator's every command and we had to do what ever he wants. When we were going through dictatorship our dictator was very nice so it just felt like normal schooldays with nothing different. Our dictatorship was very successful because we met all of our learning targets and it just felt like normal school.

Democracy: In our democracy everyone has to vote of something, then we split up to groups and come up with a schedule and then we vote.People did not have to listen to the king because there was no king and we had to vote and think for yourself.Our democracy was successful because we finished all our learning targets and it was fair and everyone was happy.

My favorite one was democracy because at the end everyone got a say in everything and every one was happy 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Bài miêu tả cảch

Ở lớp tiếng Việt của em đang học về văn tả cảnh và thiên nhiên tươi đẹp. Đây là bài đầu tiên em viết về văn tả cảnh. Bài này của em về Hồ Tây một hồ nổi tiếng ở Hà Nội. Em thích bái này tại vì em đã làm việc thật chăm chỉ và em nghĩ em làm khá tốt.

Bài văn của em

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Shark tank so far

This week in U.O.I we had shark tank, Shark thank is a thing where we have to convince juggles that are energy source is the best for the continent, I got the content North America and the energy geothermal. The thing that was challenging is cooperating with are team because everyone had different ideas. When we all settled on one idea we started to make it but we realized that it was too hard to make so we made a model instead. I'm felling great because I'm positive that my team is going to win!

Friday, November 24, 2017


These weeks in literacy we made narratives. First we had to make a draft where we put it in to are computers and revise and edit, then we gave it to Mr. Nathan to edit. finally we published it and shared it with are buddy's. The next time I do this again I would change the times when I switched from past to present tense. I was rely proud of my self when I made a good complex sentence "That afternoon, when I came back from work, Charlie was curled up on the corner of the brightly colored carpet with tears in his eyes." You can read my story here.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


In UOI we are starting a unit about electricity. so far I learned that electricity is the flow of tiny particles called electrons and protons. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Việt Nam Tổ quốc em

Việt Nam Tổ quốc em

Ở lớp tiếng việt chúng em đang học về Việt Nam Tổ quốc em. Em chọn bài này bởi vì em làm rất tốt, và em học rất nhiều thứ mớiBài này nói về Việt Nam và các thú ở trong Việt Nam. Em thấy em có tiến bộ tại vì lúc em bát đầu unit này thì em không biết rất nhiều vè Việt Nam nhưng mà bay giờ em biết nhiều hơn.